Thursday, May 30, 2013

My Published Photos on Manila Bulletin's Picture Perfect

My First set of photos published...
first 4 shots was taken during the Peñafrancia Festival way  back 2009... 

"Kapit Bisig"

Philippine Army join arms to protect the image "Ina" that's what they call her... "Our Lady of Peñafrancia".


I Got closer, and took this winning shot...


Also taken during the Festival, it's street dance time to the bicolanos.. this event is the "Voyadores Festival" 

"Leap of Faith"

One of the contestants from the Voyadores Festival, it took me like 5 shots and finally got him on a leap of faith...

"Pyramid of Smiles"

Took this shot when we were doing a Holloween Themed Shoot at the North Cemetery in Manila... We had this audience (as usual) then during our break, i saw them in perfect position... tada!!! there you go.

Next 4 photos was my second set to be Published.

"Break Time"

(on the right) Taken at Bacarra Ilocos Norte, In front of my friends house, i was searching for subjects, and there they are, and after taking that shot these kids passed by in front of me, it took me 6 clicks just to get this shot... (photo below) 

"Tropa" (Friends)

"Full Moon"

Right after that afternoon, we headed at the bridge waiting for the sun to set... and i got this shot.

This one is very random, this is inside the Laoag Museum. when we were going down the stairs, i saw this window with sun ray... "click" there you go.

Above  photo is taken when am doing overtime work at the office, around 5:30 pm after the rain, the color outside catch my attention, luckily i got my camera with me, went to the window (at the presidents' office) then this made me click...

"Lifestyle Shoot with Chamie Abella"
Went for a Lifestyle shoot at Fort Santiago, which is a very good place for a shoot. but some of the areas were prohibited for photographers... but you need to do the "Ninja Moves" to get inside the said areas... 
                                                       "Brown Door"
This one is a snap during our Pre-Nup session with one of my best friends, this is located in Intramuros Manila... (search for it)

"Delicate Hand"
This photo is taken at Ilocos Sur during our trip with the clients, we went to this place called "Burnayan" meaning "Pottery Making" it is made up of Clay then mold it into Pot. The Barkada (friend) our fathes' friend is the head of all the Barangay Captains in the District that is why we had pass to the area where the make the pots.


Taken at Wright Park in Baguio City. While we were walking pass by the pond i saw this, it did catch my attention... 5 clicks then got satisfied and waited for the ripple...


She is Osang, saw her during the The Photography Workshop of Photoworks Academy, I am the assistant on the workshop, doing comments and suggestion with the participants while we were huddling  with their shots by the entrance of the Binondo church and there she is... its kinda hard for me that time because an using an old telephoto lens. its only 4.0 maximum and am using canon 400D so i have to be still for the shot to be sharp and i can get the essence of her personality.


This is taken in front our or place in Sampaloc Manila, my so called "Studio" I personally love shooting Photojournalism, and lucky me i just go outside our house and you will see tons of subjects. 

Taken at Boracay Island in Malay Aklan last March 1, 2010, just lounging in front of Le Soleil De Boracay while waiting for my best friend and his family for us to do early dinner and explore the island.

"Kid Voyador"
This time am only using a Lumix LX5, borrowed  it from my boss, our office manager. Am too lazy to bring all my gear that time since i will be returning in Manila later in the evening of that day, just packed sling bag and a body bag. taken during the Penafrancia Festival 2012 right at the back of the procession "Grand Fluvial Parade"

"Locked On"
December 2011, during the Feast of Our Lady of Loreto, its a "fiesta" of Sampaloc manila as they call it, because entire area is celebrating it. they had parades and games like this... they were playing "Agawan Buko" It is a traditioinal game for Filipinos that a coconut fruit will be greased by gear oil or a cooking oil, then participants will hold it protect it and cross the finish line just like Rugby. 

Maximizing my Nikon FM10 (all manual film camera, my first tool) while we were spending the lenten season at Siniloan Laguna after dipping at the fresh water pool at "Turumba" in Pakil Laguna. Inside the jeep beside me is my girlfriend  and they were right beside her, i got 4 shots of this compositiion just to be sure beacause am using a film camera.

"Little Community"
Taken in Batad Banaue Ifugao. when we participated the "Bachang" as the locals call it, it is the rehabilitation of the Batad Rice Terraces. This is the time that my DSLR Canon 400D retires, lucky me i brought my film camera, this is my shot from the resting area at the terraces.

"Top Gun"
Breitling Jets. during the 18th Hot Air Ballon Festival in Clark Field in Pampanga. The flight of the ballons is something new for me to see and it's OK, when these jets flew the skies of Clark, i got so excited and shouting "YEAH!!!" like a kid... i told my girlfriend that what you see is like Top Gun Live! 

"Power Nap"
Took this while am walking around our visitor from the US and they both also do photography Daniel and Grace Tea, he's holding a 50mm 1.8 USM on a Canon 5D, doing photowalk on the area and me explaining the surroundings, saw this young man sleeping on his "pedicab" this is around 10 in the morning... my most recent photo published on Manila Bulletins' Picture Perfect. the to Sir Raffy Paredes who is the editor of the column.

This shot is taken last September during the  Penafrancia Festival in Naga City Camarines Sur, during the fluvial procession and parade, these men were protecting "Ina" (the patron saint) because the devotees were trying to reach for her, like the ones happening in the feast of the black nazarene in quiapo manila...every year am finding a way to see her and pray and join the parade... this was published last November issue...

"Dyani Lao"
I asked him if i can take some snap while he is with a client, and he granted me... so i took some (6 clicks) then posted it here also on the other folder... and again asked him if i can send it on Manila Bulletin, and he said yes. so after i sent it to Sir Raffy Paredes asked me like if i want to put the name of my tattoo artists name, so i asked again dyani, and yes again... so after 2 days i got an email that i got a photo featured on picture perfect column on Manila Bulletin... so later this morning i looked for news paper, and tada!!! this was published! and my friend is happy.
you can check out his works just google Dyani Lao Tattoos.

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